Looking forward to Christmas!

Really excited for Christmas this year! Plenty of fun stuff going on and that we will have a lovely time !
I’ve risked ordering a few things from amazon.. hopefully everything will arrive on time. I don’t have the time or the inclination to goto the shops, invariably when I do go high-street shopping I can’t get what I want anyway, just the parking costs and rushed lunch!
Looking forward to an exciting weekend ! Cant wait to see my son again \o/

Amazon – Update

So spoke with the representitive from Amazon regarding my lost parcel. I have to say he was most helpful, and made it as effortless as he could to correct the issue. I got a full refund for the lost item, which was soon refunded to me.
Shame is the damage is done, and whilst the extra month of Prime membership is welcomed, its still not going to make me order ‘critical’ items online for Christmas.

Amazon – you’ve messed up at the wrong time

So yesterday i was expecting a reasonably high-value item to turn up, and in Amazon its described as ‘lost’ – no idea whats going on there then !

And now today another item due for delivery is looking very unlikely in turning up. At the time of the year where I’d be thinking of saving the hassle of going shopping to a retail outlet so i can do it on-line and have it delivered, this is the worst time for Amazon to get it wrong.

Mostly it looks like i will be battling the crowds for my consumer frenzy-christmas and will hold off ordering anything from amazon until mid-jan 2017 so they can get their act back in order.
Amazon, you suck at the worst possible time.



After having this domain (and the virtual server(s)) to support this site for a while have actually got around to putting some content on it !

I have tired another CMS but just didnt have the time to maintain it and couldnt get my head around plugin-this/that. At the end of the day i just need to ‘blog’ on my own server, so as much as I used to not-like supporting WordPress in a previous position, for my WYSWIG publication tool, it suits me !

I’ve had quite a tumultuous time recently, but needless to say am doing ok. As you can see from the picture above, i’m very lucky in now being near the sea and no longer face a 2hr each way commute !

I’m back studying and am generally doing ok 🙂

On here I’ll be posting the sort of ramblings and happenings, if anything, just something for me to enjoy and look back on.